Preventative medicine

Vaccination, de-worming, microchipping, pet passport issuing, preventive spaying and neutering, dental procedures, nutrition consultations and diet prescription, travel medicine

internal medicine

Complex diagnostics and treatment in the field of dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, endocrinology, reproductive medicine etc.

feline medicine

We are a place which is friendly to our feline patients. In the waiting room, there is an area devoted to cats only, so that they are not in a close contact with dogs. It is also possible to schedule a visit during “cats only” hours. We do our best when handling cats to minimize stress. Our hospitalization area meets the cats welfare recommendations. We undergo regular training in the field of feline medicine.


All surgical procedures in the soft tissue spectrum, orthopaedic diagnostic and treatment, interventions under general inhalation anaesthesia with vital functions monitoring

diagnostic equipment

Ultrasonographic and radiographic imaging, ECG, parasitological and cytologic sample examination, urinalysis, in-house testing of infectious diseases and feline viroses, in-house complete blood count and chemistry

hospitalisation and intensive care

Critical patient stabilisation and monitoring, oxygen and fluid therapy, postoperative care and convalescence, physiotherapy of hospitalized patients


Endoscopic examinations using flexible endoscopes e.g. bronchoscopies, gastroduodenoscopies, colonoscopies and tracheal stent placement in tracheal collapse patients

animal breeding services

Optimal date of mating setting - vaginal cytology and in-house measurement of progesterone levels, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnostics, birth assistance, caesarean section

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